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Choosing the Right Chinese Phone


There are so many different Chinese brands and phone models out there. Which Chinese phone should you choose? I would like to propose to you a few rules and guidelines to consider when making your purchase. Many things are down to personal preference but there are also some mandatory components that you will have to follow. Here is a brief guide to choose the right Chinese phone for you.

THL W8S Review

THL W8S Review

The W8S is one of the higher end offerings from THL and it is definitely one of the better performers when compared to the latest Chinese Android phones that are currently available. How exactly does it fair when compared to your bigger guns such as the phones from Samsung, HTC and Apple? The full written and video review after the break.

All About Chinese Phone Brands


Chinese Brands

There are so many different Chinese brands out there. Which should you trust, which should you pick? Today, I will be telling you a little more about some Chinese brands and the different “tiers” of companies. I will not be able to discuss every single “brand” or “company” out there but you should get an idea of what kind of company those phones that you are considering belongs to.

I will be breaking this discussion down into different “tiers” of companies. I found that many brands are quite similar and can be grouped up together. In my opinion, there are a total of 3 tiers of brands.

Hello World



Hello world! ChineseTech is a site dedicated to providing you with the latest news and reviews of made in China products (with a focus on mobile devices such as phones and tablets!). As you all know, made in china products are extremely value for money. Indeed, there is the concern of the lack of general quality and control of their products. With that said, there are many emerging Chinese brands that dispel that stereotype.