Always Updated List of MTK Rooting Tools and Guides


Framaroot – One Click APK Root

tant updates on tools and guides for rooting your Mediatek powered Chinese phone. There are many different phone models out there but many of them share similar CPU models. If you’re wondering about the uses of rooting and what you can do after your phone is “rooted”, do Google for the several explanations on the benefits of rooting. You too can stay tune for our own in-house article coming soon. Tools, guides and links after the break.

You can download the rooting application of the site’s front page. The application works similar to a one click root. Simply connect your phone via USB and press “next”. The application should tell you if the root is successful or not. You can also search your phone model and brand in the site’s search bar. It will provide you with a specific root known to work with your phone (should it exist). There are some other generic rooting tools as well (usually specific to the CPU model e.g MTK6589). The site is in Chinese but a Google translate should help more or less.

What Next?

There are many

What Next?

ith a rooted phone. One of the most important benefits, in my opinion, is the ability to backup your files and phone much more efficiently and effectively than before. Other than that, do stay tune for our very own article to explain some of the joys and benefits that you can enjoy with a rooted phone. We’ll update this article when the time comes. It is an “Always Updated” article after all.




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